Enhance your packaging with YUPO IML Substrates.

Enhance your brand equity and bottle design options by choosing an in-mold label. Add bling to your package with in-mold labeling which can be printed with fluorescent and metallic inks, foil stamped, metallized, coated, spot-coated or crafted using any other converting option you desire.

IML – What is it?

In-mold labeling (IML) is a pre-decorating technique during which a label is placed in the open mold and becomes an integral part of the molded object when the bottle is blow molded or the container is injected. YUPO IML becomes part of the container itself, thereby resulting in superior performance.
IML Blow IML Injection

Why choose YUPO IML?
Because industry leaders follow the leader.

Many of the world’s leading brand owners choose YUPO IML. By meeting the rigorous demands of our clients and maintaining our commitment to research and development, Yupo Corporation is able to offer the very latest in label and packaging solutions with benefits that far exceed those of competitors.