Environmental Statement

Recycle Category 5
YUPO synthetic paper is a recycle category 5 product.

100% Tree Free

Yupo Corporation America’s respect for the environment is unwavering and is reflected in our products and processes. We are committed to and honor our corporate endeavor to continue to actively pursue environmental stewardship.

Before “green” was anything more than a color, and for well over 40 years, our conscientious practices were designed and implemented to protect our Earth’s resources for our children and generations that follow.

Top 10 Eco-Benefits of YUPO Synthetic Paper

  • YUPO is a 100% tree- and pulp-free synthetic paper, which results in conservation of forests, water and natural resources.
  • No ozone-threatening emissions result from YUPO Synthetic Paper’s manufacturing process.
  • The Yupo Corporation facility in Chesapeake, Virginia has been recognized for excellence in the handling and discharge of wastewater.
  • Crafted of tree-free polypropylene pellets, YUPO is 100% recyclable.
  • Using the recommended methods the recycling of YUPO synthetic paper generates no sulfur, nitrogen or dioxin gases.
  • Internal processes are continually reviewed at every level of our company to maximize environmental stewardship and minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Very little water is used in the creation of YUPO, which results in the preservation of our Earth’s water resources.
  • YUPO’s durability and attributes yield products that have extremely long wear and stay out of the waste stream longer.
  • Trim created during the manufacturing process is reintroduced in the production of other YUPO products.
  • YUPO is free of toxins and heavy metals, another environmental benefit of using a pulp-free, tree-free synthetic paper.

YUPOGreen® – Innovations in Action for a Sustainable Future

Yupo’s Research and Development Center is committed to the ongoing production of emerging green products for current and future applications. YUPO synthetic papers are produced in a state-of-the-art “Clean Room” manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, Virginia.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic papers, we are constantly developing new sustainable applications. Our In-Mold Label Substrate has revolutionized the packaging industry by creating a medium which becomes part of blow-molded bottles, and is completely recyclable along with the bottle material. The IML process reduces the waste of discarded backing materials found on traditional labels, creating considerable source reduction. As a recyclable material, it also stays out of the waste stream longer, saving valuable space in our landfills.

YUPOBlue, a synthetic paper grade that was certified at RIT for printing on HP Indigo presses, gives printers and designers a paper option that can be customized with variable data digital printing. This results in the value-added benefit of being able to produce short-run pieces quickly and easily on a synthetic that has all of the attributes and eco-friendly longevity not found with a traditional paper source.

As we move forward with this vibrant YUPOGreen® initiative, we encourage you to explore our ongoing endeavors to bring more efficient, eco-friendly products to the tree-free synthetic stage. We commit to the exploration of new programs that will increase consumer awareness and access to YUPO’s recycling processes. As employees and as a corporation, we strive to live up to the standard we established with the creation of our logo – to find a harmonious balance between the sun, universe and humankind.