Environmental Statement

Recycle Category 5
YUPO synthetic paper is a recycle category 5 product*.

Doing our part, One page at a time

Now more than ever, individuals and companies are recognizing the powerful impact our actions have on the delicate balance between human culture and our environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the crucial natural resources we rely on daily are in dire need of conservation.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic paper, Yupo recognizes the need to sustain these precious resources and the power we have to make a difference.

That’s why we make it our business to operate in an environmentally healthy and sustainable manner.

Recycling and repurposing, eliminating waste and toxins from the manufacturing process and using revolutionary earth friendly materials are just a few examples of how Yupo helps to conserve the earth’s resources and reduce further damage to the environment.

We may be tough on paper, but we’re gentle on the earth, and that commitment remains strong as Yupo continues its quest to find new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint and preserve the world’s ecosystems for generations to come.

THE 3 Rs.
A Lesson in Sustainability.

REUSE: Yupo reprocesses trimmings and scrap to be used in manufacturing
RECYCLE: Yupo’s recycling program, including 400 lbs. of office paper a year, results in a 60% reduction in our landfills
REPURPOSE: 150 tons a year of pallets, cardboard, drums and polysacks are repurposed yearly. Even metal and waste oil are recycled to decrease our impact on the planet.

  • 100% Recyclable*
  • 100% Tree Free
  • We do not use any chemicals in our process that are on the REACH or EHS lists
  • With a production output of 26,000,000 lbs., less than 800 lbs. of non-production related waste was generated from Yupo manufacturing
  • No toxins or heavy metal used in Yupo’s manufacturing process
  • When properly incinerated, no detectable amounts of sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen or dioxin gases are produced with Yupo products
  • YUPO’s durability and attributes yield products that have extremely long wear and stay out of the waste stream longer.
  • Recipient of the Waste and Storm Water Quality Platinum Award 5 years in a row
  • Yupo products are compatible with polypropylene waste stream

What’s IML
and How Does it Make a Difference?

It stands for In-Mold Label Substrate, and it’s Yupo’s dynamic solution for replacing pressure sensitive labels. With IML, the medium becomes part of the blow- or injection-molded bottle, fusing label and container into one adhesive-free, liner-free and fully-recyclable package. On average, a typical project using pressure sensitive labels would use 2.25 g of silicone-coated release liner per label. But substitute IML, and YUPO is able to eliminate 42 metric tons of silicone-coated release liner from the waste stream.

*YUPO paper is a category 5 plastic. Please consult your local recycling center for proper procedures and regulations.