Sustainability Benefits

Responsible Packaging. Responsible Branding.

YUPO IML Substrates offer designers and manufacturers significant sustainability benefits, and therefore value, as a result of both general YUPO attributes and label processing methods:

  • YUPO is a 100% tree-free substrate, preserving our forests for future generations
  • During the IML process, YUPO actually becomes part of blow-molded bottles, and is recyclable as part of the packaging. Thus, no chemicals are required for label removal.
  • YUPO IML requires no backing materials, resulting in significant source reduction and decrease in waste products.
  • Completely recyclable, trim materials are able to be assimilated back into the substrate manufacture process.

Environmental Benefits Of Using Yupo In-Mold Label Substrates:

  • Replaces paper IML at a total lower cost.
  • Low waste at all levels of supply chain.
  • No release liner or label matrix scrap.
  • Excellent bottle resin savings.

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