Direct Thermal

YUPO Direct Thermal synthetic label paper is available in multiple grades, making it the perfect substrate for many retail, transportation and industrial applications. Bar code tags, wristbands in medical facilities. Anywhere you need a durable, waterproof option, YUPO is the substrate to choose. Why?

  • YUPO’s smooth finish provides an excellent substrate for uniform coating, which results in precise, direct thermal information and bar code imaging.
  • YUPO Direct Thermal is designed for high-resolution printing, precise die cutting and lamination for enhanced bar code protection.
  • YUPO Direct Thermal labels are exceptionally durable, even when subjected to frequent handling and extreme environmental conditions.

YUPO is an excellent base for a wide variety of direct thermal applications.
We have established relationships with recognized industry leaders that have extensive experience in converting YUPO to meet demanding customer specifications.

To download and print specifications for any of our direct thermal label grades, see Product Data Sheets.