YUPO Recognized as a ‘Natural Choice’ for Pantone, LLC

Yupo mixes with the ‘authority on color’ to create a durable display envelope.

Pantone, LLC’s most recent project was to create display sleeves and envelopes for its FASHION + HOME Cotton products. The paper had to be durable, keep sharp edges and could not affect the color swatches displayed in the sleeves.

As with other projects, YUPO’s bright white and legendary durability fit the bill to a tee, but Pantone went on to commend YUPO for its ‘green’ initiatives.

“We… feel good about using YUPO because it’s 100% tree free and conserves forests, water and natural resources. No ozone-threatening emissions result from its manufacturing processes and the material is 100% recyclable,” Pantone wrote in its post.

As a company, Yupo is recognized for excellence in handling and discharge of wastewater; it generates no sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen or dioxin gases. Internal processes are reviewed at every level of the company to maximize environmental stewardship.

Pantone continued, “[YUPO is] a natural partner for Pantone, where green is both a color and a responsible way of doing business.”

YUPO products stay out of the waste stream longer and use very little water in the creation. The trim created during the manufacturing process is reintroduced in the production of other YUPO products. YUPO is also free of toxins and heavy metals and contains no softening agents.

YUPO has been green for 40 years, since its inception and before green was anything more than a color.

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