Two Yupo Grades Selected For Material Connexion Library

(CHESAPEAKE, VA August 2012)  Two Yupo products — YUPO Octopus and YUPO Accel — have recently been accepted into the world’s largest resource of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes.

  • YUPO Octopus®, a premium synthetic paper that adheres to any smooth surface yet is removable and reusable thanks to a new technology called “micro-suction”
  • YUPO Accel® is the fastest-drying synthetic paper on the market and is 80% faster drying than our YUPO Original, yet remains the smoothest, most durable synthetic available

Material ConneXion, a global materials library and consultancy, maintains an extensive database of more than 6,500 innovative and sustainable materials all of which are commercially available.

“Brand managers and product developers who need to gain advantage over competitors have discovered YUPO for unique solutions,” said Bill Hewitt, marketing manager.  “Naturally, we’re pleased these two products have been judged by Material ConneXion to be included in their library and database collection.”

Architects, interior designers, creatives and product development specialists use Material ConneXion’s database and collections to find solutions to material ideas.   With more than 2,000 materials on display, the Materials Library on Madison Avenue in Manhattan is the world’s largest resource of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes, serving tens of thousands of creative professionals and over 100,000 students worldwide.

Yupo is the Western Hemisphere’s largest synthetic papers manufacturer.  From commercial applications like brochures, maps, menus, etc., to more technical and industrial applications such as labels and tags, pressure sensitive and thermal labeling among others, YUPO has a built-in versatility.