YUPO Paper and the Power of Color in Branding

YUPO® Paper and the Power of Color in Branding The battle for shelf space at retail is highly competitive. For consumer goods brands catching the shopper’s eye is what makes or breaks the sale in an aisle full of products. Try to imagine the shopping experience from the perspective of the customer. When faced with a plethora of products to choose from, what helps to tip the scale for brand A vs. B? Designing packaging that evokes the spirit of a brand while also conveying an aesthetically … [Read more...]

A clear, brand-forward collaboration in packaging

Where brand and packaging innovation meet, exciting new possibilities emerge. Take the recent expansion of Vaska, a leader in natural fabric care that developed a retail product line to complement its institutional laundry care products. The intended launch of Vaska’s new concentrate formulas in 2011 was developed to showcase the unique fluid qualities and clear properties of the detergents. As innovators in the market, Vaska sought out unique packaging design that would let Vaska’s … [Read more...]


Community College Introduces "Tough" New Student Handbook When they arrive at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) in Baltimore, Maryland for the beginning of the school year, all entering freshmen receive a student handbook, which is designed to assist students in acclimating themselves to their new academic environment. Last year, college officials decided to update and expand the Student Handbook and to make it less subject to normal "wear and tear." They found the … [Read more...]

Durable Beachcomber’s Companion© features YUPO

Educational Aid Withstands Sun, Surf, and Sand Outside of the Classroom The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the world’s largest, private, nonprofit ocean research, engineering, and education organization, is dedicated to research and higher education at the frontiers of ocean science. In keeping with the WHOI charge, Tracey Crago, a communicator for the Sea Grant Program, had an idea over four years ago to develop scientific flashcards to aid educators in teaching their students … [Read more...]

Escaping the “Board” in Board Game

Designer uses Yupo synthetic paper to deliver innovative board game format We often hear the old adage of using “the right tool for the job.” Designer Bruce Leone proved the truth of the saying when facing the challenge of designing an innovative version of that most traditional staple of family entertainment, the board game. Ocean 88 LLC, the developers of a new board game called “Island Run: Put Your Feet in the Sand,” brought this challenge to Leone’s graphic design firm Ink Inc. In … [Read more...]