Printed Materials



Gate-folds, tri-folds and accordion-folds all love YUPO.

Choosing beautifully smooth YUPO for your next brochure ensures that you’re putting your best image forward. YUPO holds razor sharp color, and being waterproof, it holds up equally well to the elements. So rack up some design points and choose YUPO. Whatever fold you choose, YUPO makes you and your product shine.



YUPO – tough enough to go up the river.
Or the ski slope.
Or scuba diving even.

100% recyclable, waterproof YUPO is the perfect synthetic paper for maps and other travel-related materials. Not only does it withstand water, but it’s tear and chemical resistant, wipes clean and holds long-lasting razor sharp color. If only Lewis and Clark could have had it this good.



The Yupo Menu – Made to Order.

Print your menu on yupo and you’re likely to be working with one of the hippest restaurants on the block. Ultra-smooth, waterproof yupo Synthetic Paper is lightweight and stain and tear resistant, making it a more than logical choice for cooking up a menu that’s sure to withstand ketchup covered fingers, water rings and any other tableside drama.

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