Yupo Applications
“Do it on YUPO” is one of the lines you’ll see often in our advertising and marketing materials. So what is “it”? You name it and you can do it on YUPO. From commercial applications like brochures, maps, menus, etc. to more technical and industrial applications such as labels and tags, pressure sensitive and thermal labeling among others, you’ll find that YUPO has a built-in versatility. So when you “do it on YUPO” you really have your attributes in gear.

Designers / Package Designers

YUPO’s bright white smoothness give designers a medium that prints exceptionally well and has an incredibly long shelf life. Package designers choose YUPO for its In-Mold Labeling solutions because it actually becomes part of the bottle, making it a sustainably, scuff and scratch free alternative to paper labeling.

Project Managers / Brand Managers

If you haven’t noticed, take a look around your house and you’ll see that some of the biggest brands in the U.S. “do it on YUPO.” As a 100% tree-free, waterproof paper that wipes clean with water, YUPO is ideal for packaging and brand solutions that must stand up to tough conditions.


Yupo Corporation is committed to continually innovating new grades, weights and opacities so that whatever special use a manufacturer has for YUPO Synthetic Paper, we can help you select the grade that showcases both your brand and your project need.


YUPO’s smooth, waterproof attributes make it a unique and popular medium among artists and watercolorists. Because YUPO is so versatile, creative people truly enjoy the paper’s feel and how it holds color beautifully. It is also well suited for all types of creative applications and effects, like die cutting, perforations, embossing and so much more.